17 Pencil Portraits – a personal portfolio of drawings

Here is a selection of some of the pencil portraits I have drawn over the last few years. All my pencil portraits are usually A3 size, and I work from photographs. I either use Chuck Close’s method of using a grid system (the long method), or I use a light box / stencil to draw the outline, and then shade from looking at a photograph (cheater, haha!).. I tend to draw famous people, musicians / actors / actresses etc, or film / TV characters, as I am an avid film / TV / music fan… hope you enjoy looking through my lil selection, hehe…

Film / TV characters:


(My drawing of Daenerys Targaryen, from ‘Game of Thrones’)


(My drawing of Jack Torrance, from ‘The Shining’)


(My drawing of Rachael, from ‘Blade Runner’)


(My drawing of Norman Bates, from ‘Psycho’)


(My drawing of Freddy Krueger, from ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’)


(My drawing of William Wallace, from ‘Braveheart’)


(My drawing of The Joker, from ‘The Dark Knight’)


(My drawing of Hannibal Lecter, from ‘The Silence of the Lambs’)


(My drawing of Yoda, from ‘Star Wars: Prequel Trilogy’)


(My drawing of Edward Scissorhands, from ‘Edward Scissorhands’)


(My drawing of Neytiri, from ‘Avatar’)

Famous people:


(My drawing of Bob Dylan – musician)


(My drawing of Jimi Hendrix – musician)


(My drawing of Marilyn Monroe – actress)


(My drawing of Angelina Jolie – actress)


(My drawing of Amanda Palmer – musician)


(My drawing of Bill Hicks – comedian)

I studied Fine Art at A-level (10 years ago, damn I’m getting old lol). My drawings were super hyper-realistic when I was younger, I’ve sort of ‘lost it’ as I’ve got older, because I practise less perhaps, but I still think my attempts are not tooooo bad (hope you agree…haha!) …

I absolutely love drawing, especially portraits. I don’t know why but I just love ‘capturing’ an iconic moment, which is probably why I’m also interested in photography, the idea of ‘capturing’ something pretty, hehe… There’s nothing more therapeutic for me than sat with some pencils and paper, earphones in, cup of tea on the table…that’s my bliss, just lovely.

I intend to draw more personal portraits for people, such as of friends and family (just as a hobby, not professionally). I’m actually working on a big family portrait at the moment, an A1 size of three subjects which is much bigger than I usually attempt, I hope it turns out alright! I might even incorporate some flowers around the edge, and a watercolour effect…

…so watch this space! 🙂


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Paphos Photos – July 2017

This July, me and my mum went to visit my uncle and his partner for 12 nights, in their beautiful villa just outside Paphos in Cyprus. The weather was super scorching, and I still came back a darker shade of pale (goddammit, why won’t I tan?!). I thought I’d share a few lil photographs from our trip, showcasing all the wonderful places we were lucky enough to visit…hope you enjoy…

Here we are watching the sunset go down at a lively bar in Coral Bay, overlooking a magnificent shipwreck in the ocean…


We went to go see the popular beautiful intricate Roman mosaics, just by the harbour in Paphos. My favourite is the bottom picture as it depicts Apollo and Daphne from ancient Greek mythology; legend goes Daphne transforms into a laurel tree to escape Apollo’s advances, and I have a tattoo on my right forearm depicting Daphne’s transformation as the name Lauren (my name) derives from laurel (clever, ey, hehe)…


Here’s us just ‘enjoying life’ by the harbour…


One day, we went to visit the ancient theatre and archaeological remains at the acropolis of Kourion (Curium)..on the drive back to Paphos, we stopped by the side of the road to get a couple of great photographs with Aphrodite’s rock in the background…


Another day, we went to a lovely little donkey sanctuary (n’awww) where we fed the donkeys, at a very reasonable price it must be said, and then we had yummy ice cream overlooking a breathtaking view of the coastline…


My absolute favourite place of the holiday however, was the stunning paradise that is Adonis Baths waterfalls in Paphos. I got in and had a little swim, by god the water is freezing! But, wow, absolutely gorgeous place. It literally took my breath away (honestly it did, the water was that cold!)…


And to finish off a few typical holiday pics… being lazy by the pool in the villa, and having a few cheeky glasses of wine / dancing the night away at the local clubhouse… 😀


Thank you very much for reading / viewing… hope you like my holiday photos of Paphos…

Cya later, alligator! 😀


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