‘Gentle Joan’ amateur portrait drawing of family friend

Hello again everybody! The latest UnicornPostbox blog post is progression photos of a now unfortunately deceased family friend, Joan πŸ’™πŸ’™

I increased the size of a standard photo at the library, to A3 size. I then used my A3 light box to outline Joan on paper. Working from photographs, I carefully sketched and shaded.. I also incorporated some paw prints, with a purple border – Joan absolutely adored dogs, they were her life πŸ’œπŸ’œ

Joan was my mum’s best friend who unfortunately died suddenly three years ago 😒 She was an incredible kind woman, and helped me so much when I was looking after mum, she was a god send πŸ’• I’ve kept in touch with Joan’s husband Merv, and visit him regularly, this is who the portrait is for.. He has a bullmastiff Spencer, who mum loved, and I always say to mum I gave Spencer a big kiss from his Auntie Debbie πŸ’•

Merv was very happy with the portrait 😊 I am only an amateur and I know I’m not the best in the world, but I think I am improving with practice..and it’s the sentimental value too isn’t it..

Here is the finished piece, framed:

Thank you as always for taking the time to view/ read.. I might start another diamond art soon🎨 πŸ’Ž

Much love, Lauren xx

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‘African animals’ amateur marker pen original art

Hi everybody! My latest blog post is progression photos of an amateur ‘African animals’ amateur marker pen original art πŸ’™πŸ’™ Hope you enjoy!

I started out sketching the outlines of my African animals; giraffe, elephant, lion, rhino and buffalo.. the style of drawing is like subjects from art therapy books; pretty, brightly coloured, patterned and detailed πŸ˜€ As well as colouring the animals vibrantly with marker pens, I bordered the subjects with a black marker pen to make them stand out and ‘pop’ πŸ₯°

I would love to visit Africa and do a safari/ construction and renovation volunteering in Zambia.. I feel like Africa is really special πŸ’™ hence why I decided to do this artwork 😜

My next project is an amateur portrait drawing of a wonderful woman Joan who passed away three years ago.. she was my mum’s best friend and a god send, helping me look after mum (my mum has early onset alzheimers) 😒 I have stayed in contact with Joan’s husband Merv, that’s who the portrait is for..I will maybe draw her dog too Spencer, she adored dogs..I thought that would be a nice thing to do πŸ’•

Thank you again for taking the time to read/view.. lots of love, Lauren xx

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‘Seaside and starfish’ amateur pub painting

Hi everyone! My latest UnicornPostbox blog post is progression photos of an amateur ‘Seaside and starfish’ pub painting…

We started out with orange sand before beginning the water. We used light and darker shades of blue to give a more realistic ocean πŸ’™ Then for great effect, we dabbed white with a sponge to give a softer wave, and created a cute little pink starfish in the right hand bottom corner. Also, we tried to give the beach more texture..

Becca is a self taught great artist who guides us through the entire process, a group in a pub setting which is a fab atmosphere..therapeutic but a lot of fun too! I look forward going every month with my friend Denise πŸ’•

Coming up next, I’m on with an amateur Africa/safari theme original artwork I’ve completed with my colour pens…so keep a look out! πŸ˜„

As always, thanks for viewing reading.. much love, Lauren xx

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