‘African animals’ amateur marker pen original art

Hi everybody! My latest blog post is progression photos of an amateur ‘African animals’ amateur marker pen original art 💙💙 Hope you enjoy!

I started out sketching the outlines of my African animals; giraffe, elephant, lion, rhino and buffalo.. the style of drawing is like subjects from art therapy books; pretty, brightly coloured, patterned and detailed 😀 As well as colouring the animals vibrantly with marker pens, I bordered the subjects with a black marker pen to make them stand out and ‘pop’ 🥰

I would love to visit Africa and do a safari/ construction and renovation volunteering in Zambia.. I feel like Africa is really special 💙 hence why I decided to do this artwork 😜

My next project is an amateur portrait drawing of a wonderful woman Joan who passed away three years ago.. she was my mum’s best friend and a god send, helping me look after mum (my mum has early onset alzheimers) 😢 I have stayed in contact with Joan’s husband Merv, that’s who the portrait is for..I will maybe draw her dog too Spencer, she adored dogs..I thought that would be a nice thing to do 💕

Thank you again for taking the time to read/view.. lots of love, Lauren xx

© 2023 Lauren Parr/ https://unicornpostbox.com

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