Blue rocking chair, progression photos

Hi everybody! My latest UnicornPostbox blog post is progression photos of a blue rocking chair, for the Children’s Air Ambulance 💙💙 Hope you like!

The rocking chair was already bare wood so only required a light sand. After sugar soaping I painted the whole chair with a blue chalk paint, sanding imperfections with a hand sandpaper. I was going to paint the bottom yellow, but decided against it. Once painted blue with a few coats, I lacquered it with a couple of coats to seal the paint. And there we go! Blue-dabba-dee-dabba-do! 😆😝

Thank you as always for reading/viewing. My next project for the Children’s Air Ambulance is another decoupage table I think, and I’m on with an Elephant diamond art at home, so keep a look out! 😀

Thank you so much, Lauren xx

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Clarisse the Colourful Highland Cow painting

Hi everybody! My latest UnicornPostbox blog post is progression photos of a colourful Highland cow, painted at ‘pub painting’ – an art class in town, at the pub with my friend Denise, hehe.. hope you enjoy!

This was so much fun! The teacher was Rebecca, a self taught artist. I didn’t drink, saving myself for tomorrow night hehe, but I was the closest to guessing the weight of a real Highland Cow, so I had to down a shot lol. I really enjoyed the experience, being guided along the way with acrylic paints. She’s turned out quite colourful, bright and pretty I would say 🙂 🙂

The next pub painting is in a month’s time, the theme next time is Halloween, wahey, I adore Halloween! For the Children’s Air Ambulance I’m on with a blue rocking chair, and also I’m doing an Elephant diamond art, so watch this space 😛 😛

Thank you as always for taking the time to read/ view my blog posts.

Much love, Lauren xx

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Rustic wooden coffee table, 20 progression photos

Hi everyone! My latest blog post is 20 progression photos of a rustic wooden coffee table. Hope you enjoy! Thank you very much…

This project has been the bane of my life for the last few weeks, haha! It was the table that didn’t want to be sanded… I had my small mouse sander, my orbital sander, ordinary sandpaper, clean spirit, metal scraper and paint stripper on it! The problem was it had a few layers of paint to strip, a white and a blue underneath. Once all the paint was stripped, I sugar soaped and wood stained. It took forever and a day to finish however I’m really happy with the finished result. There was a few things that could of been avoided. For example, I used my orbital sander on its edge and it dinted a hole in the wood a couple of times. Maybe, if it wasn’t for these imperfections, it could be sold for a higher profit. But to say I’m learning, I think it’s turned out pretty decent and I like the rustic effect, what do you think?

My next volunteering project for the Children’s Air Ambulance is a blue painted rocking chair that’s almost finished and I am going to a ‘pub painting’ evening art class with my friend on Thursday. We’re being taught how to paint a colourful highland cow. So please, keep a look out for more blog posts coming very soon…

Thank you as always for taking the time to read/view my blog… and I would just like to say, with the sad passing of Queen Elizabeth the second, may she forever rest in peace…

Many thanks, Lauren xx

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Golden decoupaged map coffee table

Hi everyone ☺️ My latest blog post is progression photos of a golden decoupaged map coffee table, refurbished for the Children’s Air Ambulance..hope you enjoy 😉

I started off trying to sand with my orbital sander, however this was proving really difficult. I cleansed with sugar soap and spray painted a bronze coat. The spray unfortunately wasn’t to my desired taste, too dark and little change to the already mahogany wood. So, I painted the table with a metallic gold. I then pasted mod podge to the centre of the table and decoupaged a brown damask wallpaper. I changed my mind after mod podging, so stripped and decoupaged a map instead. It actually took a second attempt to decoupage the map so no creases in the design. I bought a new metallic gold spray paint to spray the imperfections and tea-bagged the map wallpaper to give it an oldie antique rustic effect. The final step was to seal with polyurethane varnish. And here is the finished product:

Thank you so much as ever for reading/viewing my latest upcycling project. I’m not quite sure what I’m on with next, so I’ll keep you in suspense 😝

Thank you, much love, Lauren xx

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Liverpool Cathedral abseil July 2022

Hi everyone! Something a lil different from my usual art related blog posts, I’ve just returned from a weekend away to Liverpool with my dad and gran. I abseiled 150ft free hang down the West door of Liverpool Anglican Cathedral to raise money for the Children’s Air Ambulance – and I’ve been sponsored way over £500 and counting,which I think is a massive achievement, go me,hehe..Please enjoy my trip photos and descriptions of travels:

We stayed at the Hampton by Hilton Hotel near Albert Dock. To be honest, we weren’t particularly impressed with the hotel. There was hardly any storage space for clothes and hardly any complimentary tea and coffee. Also their oven had broke, so there was limited choice for food. The best thing about the hotel was the location, I wouldn’t recommend or go there myself again.

We spent the Saturday morning casually wandering around Albert Dock taking pretty photos and admiring the scenery.

I convinced my dad and gran to come Tate Liverpool with me, it was free admission except for an exhibition at the top. They said they found it boring, haha! I must be the cultured one enjoying art galleries lol 🎨

I did a tandem skydive from 10,000ft in Bridlington on my 21st birthday to raise money for mitochondrial disease (I was caring for a man with the awful disease in York when I lived there many moons ago) This was scarier! It was the leap of faith of leaning backwards at the top which was the worst. I was a quivering wreck, trembling at the top, pleading please don’t let me fall, ha! It was that initial sensation, I almost backed out. Going down I had a firm grip of the rope. I was as slow as a sloth, it took me 7 mins to descend, but I’m so proud of myself for completing the challenge. It was on my 30 things to do in my 30s bucket list, woop woop. I won’t be doing it again any time soon though!

We celebrated in the evening by having a fancy meal at Panum restaurant. I had a gorgeous vegan burger (I’m a vegetarian) and mocktails, yum yum 😋😋

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my latest travel post. I hope you like it 😁

You still have time to sponsor me:

Much love, Lauren xx [Accessed 24/07/2022] [Accessed 24/07/2022] [Accessed 24/07/2022]

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Pink girlie dressing table

Hi everyone! In advance, thank you for visiting my page. My latest blog post is progression photos of a girlie pink dressing table, with sparkly knobs. It’s my favourite and I hope you like it too 😊 Cheers!

I am super pleased with the way this one has gone, it’s my favourite so far as really girlie, hehe. I painted with pink frenchie paint which is fab. I tried wood staining the top with an ‘antique pine’ stain however the batch I bought from B&M was dodgy, I swapped it and it was still dark, more a mahogany than pine. I thought when dried it might go lighter, but it wasn’t to my taste. At this point, the project was a disaster as the top looked hideous lol. I got out my orbital sander and sanded it back to bare wood which massively improved the top. I sealed it with a couple layers of clear varnish, and lacquered the legs/frame. Then, to finish, some gorgeous sparkly knobs my boss donated 👍 And here is the finished product:

My next couple of projects I’m thinking of decoupaging some maps, such as world maps, onto tables, or superhero wallpaper. I have some projects in the pipe line for the store cafe too, so plenty to keep me busy 😊

Thanks so much for taking the time to read/view my blog, as always much appreciated, Lauren xx

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Wooden rocking chair upcycle – progression photos

Hi fellow followers 😊 My latest blog post is progression photos of a wooden rocking chair, upcycled for the Children’s Air Ambulance cafe. Hope you enjoy! Cheers!

This project has been the bane of my life for the last couple of weeks, haha, it’s the chair that doesn’t want to be sanded! I tried clean spirit and a scourer, sandpaper, both my mouse and orbital sander, paint spripper, you name it. I then used a primer/undercoat, but made the mistake of putting too much on, too thick. I’ve never used this before, so ended up trying to sand it back again. Thankfully, ‘frenchie’ furniture paint is fab and hides a multitude of sins. I painted two coats, and finished with a matt lacquer. I purchased a yellow tassled cushion from dunelm as a donation, to perfect the look. The yellow blends in with the cafes colour theme. What a nightmare, I’m happy to see the last of it, haha! What do you think to the finished project?

I’m really pleased how it has turned out, I think thankfully it looks quite nice, the grey and yellow 😊

I’m really excited to share with you my new refurbish project, which should be finished this week hopefully. Let’s say, it’s very pink, hehe. It’s my favourite so far, I love it.

So yes, please keep a look out. Thank you very much, Lauren xx

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‘Beautiful Buddha’ – diamond art progression photos

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well. My latest blog post is progression photos of a diamond art ‘Beautiful Buddha’, I hope you enjoy!

As ever, diamond art projects are very time consuming, but really therapeutic. It has taken me a good few weeks, but I think the result is worth it definitely. I think it’s rather good, if I don’t say so myself, hehe.. and it’s already been sold as fundraising for the Children’s Air Ambulance! (I’m doing an abseil down Liverpool cathedral in the coming weeks!).

Here is the finished product:

I’m pretty pleased and proud of myself!

For my upcoming blog posts, I’ve got two more diamond arts to do, an enchanted forest and an Elephant – those, as well as selling bobble hats for my fundraising.

For the charity shop, I’m on with a wooden rocking chair, kindly donated by my friend Ky, to use in the cafe kids play area upstairs.. So please, keep a look out for my new posts.

Many thanks, much love, Lauren xx

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My first upholster! Progression photos

Good evening fellow followers 🙂 My latest blog post is progression photos of a upholstered chair, I’m pretty proud of it, hope you like…

My first task was unpicking the metal staples around the brim, ready for new fabric. I sugar soaped and then used a primer on the bare wood, when dry I sprayed chalky grey furniture paint, and a crystal clear protection to seal. Next, I stapled a bottom sheet to the frame, to increase durability. The fabric I initially chose was black/dark blue, with elegant yellow flowers. I used the first bit of cloth as a template to get the right size. Upon completion however it was agreed the choice of fabric was a little too pretty, and did not match an industrial vibe wished for the new store cafe (this is what I’m working on at the moment). As it appeared more for a bedroom than a café, I unpicked the metal staples and started again! I upholstered with a plain more rustic fabric, and glue gunned a brim, adding a bit of personality with the tassels!

This has been my favourite project so far. I love the shabby chic effect, and I think it looks very classy and elegant. I love that I’m learning too. The store manager did give me a tip to pull the fabric really tight, so less loose, I completely agree however I don’t think I’ve done bad for a first upholster attempt. I’m really proud of myself, hehe 🙂 🙂

Coming up soon, some metallic steampunk effect frames, upcycled wooden spools (big project for the cafe) and a Earth map decoupaged table! Please do keep a look out… I’m hoping to sell some of my art/knitting too as sponsorship money towards my Liverpool cathedral absail, so I’ve plenty to keep me occupied 🙂

Much love, Lauren xx

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Upcycled cafe table – 22 progression photos

Hi everyone, I’ve been a busy bee upcycling again for the Children’s Air Ambulance! My latest blog post is 22 progression photos of a rustic café table, hope you like!

I started off with a quick sand and sugar soap cleanse. Then, I used a spray primer for the leg and foot of the table, before spray painting silver. Next, wood staining the table… Well, it went a little wrong! I didn’t sand the table sufficiently and subsequently it went a tad blotchy and darker in some areas. I ended up having to start all over, scrape and sand thoroughly. I switched from a roller brush to a cloth for more even distribution. The finished result is more desirable, a rustic antique pine, only requiring a polyurethane varnish to strongly seal.

This isn’t my most impressive piece in my personal opinion. It was a bit of a chore and required some elbow grease to scrape/sand. I was happy when it was finished to be perfectly honest, haha.. Well, at least it was a learning curve.

Up next, upholstery! Yes, my very first go at upholstering a chair! Look out for it.

Many thanks, Lauren xx

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