‘Namaste’ – Indian inspired drawing, 25 progression photos

Hi, welcome to my personal blog, UnicornPostbox! My latest blog post is 25 progression photos of ‘Namaste’ – an Indian inspired amateur art drawing. Hope you enjoy 🙂 🙂

Firstly, I used my A3 light pad to trace the outline of mandalas from my mandala adult colouring book, the outline of an Indian lady was traced from my art therapy colouring book also (I admit I am only an amateur artist, drawing as a hobby!). I took inspiration from another art therapy colouring book for the elephant, but I actually drew this one, my own design, freehand. I coloured in the entire ‘Namaste’ drawing using Boldmere colouring pencils, and I lastly used a black ballpoint pen to make the images really ‘pop’ 🙂 🙂

I am interested in Indian culture, in particular I am intrigued by Hinduism. I have the upmost respect for other people’s religious beliefs, whatever faith they may follow, however Hinduism resonates well with me. I have bought books on the subject, and have tried to educate myself and learn more about this fascinating (in my opinion) religion. I just love the bold bright colours associated with Indian culture, and gorgeous intricate patterns, and I have tried to incorporate this into my drawing. I have titled my artwork ‘Namaste’ which is well known to translate from Sanskrit as ‘bowing to you’, e.g. bowing to the divine within you, and is a traditional Hindu friendly greeting. My Indian lady and elephant have closed eyes, two sentient beings, bowing down in mutual respect and admiration of one another 🙂 🙂

And here is the finished artwork:


Thank you very much for taking the time to read / view my latest blog post!

I am not certain what I will draw next, maybe I will continue to gain inspiration from my art therapy and adult colouring books, with animals, paisley patterns, mandalas, flowers etc – I think an Owl themed art piece could look really good, likewise, a sea-life themed drawing would be ace and enjoyable to draw! Or perhaps I could incorporate lots of flowers into a design, maybe lotus flowers alongside more Indian inspired mandalas or a girl meditating. Just a few ideas, we shall see!

I do hope all my followers remain well during these unprecedented and difficult times, please do stay safe everyone! Sending a huge social distanced hug!


All the best, peace and love, Lauren xx


Further reading:

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