Prague May 2019

This May, me and my gorgeous boyfriend Howard visited the beautiful capital city of Prague, Czech Republic for 4 nights, bed and breakfast, at the luxurious 4* Jury’s Inn Hotel, in Florenc. Please see below details of our travels, with accompanying photography.

Monday 27th May 2019

We arrived late at our hotel on the Sunday evening. Monday morning we visited the picturesque, utterly stunning and historic Old Town Square. We posed for photographs outside the famous landmarks such as Prague’s astronomical clock (Old Town Hall Tower, southern side), and the Gothic Church of Our Lady before Týn, enjoying the lovely Prague sunshine.

We had a brief look inside the fabulous, ornate, Baroque monumental St Nicholas’ Church in Old Town square. Superb.

Shortly afterwards, and very much to my delight, we visited Central Gallery to see Andy Warhol, Alfons Mucha and Salvador Dali exhibitions. Being an art enthusiast, I was certainly in my element. I was less familiar with Mucha’s Art Nouveau work, but I greatly admire Dali’s dreamlike surrealism and Warhol’s pop art is aesthetically pleasing and colourful also.

Early afternoon we went to the Museum of Torture, to learn how instruments of torture we used against unfortunate victims, displayed eerily in a downstairs cellar.

We had such a giggle next at Prague’s Sex Machines Museum, hehe. As to be expected, on display were various sex toy gadgets, erotic objects and sex machines. Kinky 😉

We finished off our first day of sightseeing by visiting vibrant Wenceslas Square, situated in Prague’s New Town. We posed for selfies, capturing the astonishing neoclassical grand Czech National Museum.

On the Monday evening we hit a couple of trendy cocktail bars. The only trouble was we found it not very lively as the weather was pouring it down with rain, oops lol.

Tuesday 28th May 2019

The rain continued chucking it down the following day (good job we packed our rain macs!) This didn’t stop us sightseeing however. We hopped on a tram, conveniently right outside our hotel, to the stunning Prague Castle complex.

St Vitus Cathedral was absolutely breathtaking, both myself and Howard were so immensely impressed by its’ magnificent Gothic architecture, and spectacular stain-glassed windows. A definite must see for anyone visiting Prague. We really loved it.

We also took some nice photographs inside the Old Royal Palace and St George’s Basilica.

The last place we visited at Prague Castle complex was the quaint and charming colourful little street named the Golden Lane; the name deriving from the goldsmiths that once lived there. Once occupied by real residents, the tiny houses have been transformed into craft, toy, sweet, souvenir and gift shops, etc, as well as displaying exhibitions demonstrating past life on the lane. Very pretty and picturesque, lovely.

After spending time at the Prague Castle complex, we headed to Kampa Island, in the Malá Strana district, first to the hippie hangout of Lennon’s Wall – a wall of graffiti dedicated to the late, great John Lennon, coloured with Beatles’ lyrics, and decorated with messages of hope, peace and love. I am a hippie at heart, so this was very much to my liking.

Outside Museum Kampa in Kampa Park were some interesting art installations, most notably Czech sculptor David Černý’s bizarre bronze babies (left)! Heading back to Charles Bridge, Devil’s Channel (middle) appeared serene and tranquil.

We had a lovely leisurely stroll along the exquisite Charles Bridge on the way back to Old Town Square, capturing nice (despite the awful weather!) photographs, also with views again of idyllic Devil’s Channel.  Bridge buskers created even more so a calm, soothing atmosphere.

Back in Old Town Square, we finished off a day of sightseeing by filling our bellies with delicious grub at Prague’s Hard Rock Cafe, hehe! As with other Hard Rock Cafe’s I have eaten in, I adore the rock memorabilia, such as eccentric musicians’ stage costumes and glittery electric guitars on display here. Very impressive as always.

Tuesday evening we began our night out on the lash by being thoroughly entertained at U Pavouka – a historical fantasy show medieval tavern, serving endless jugs of wine and beer, and showcasing exciting and thrilling acts; belly dancers, fire jugglers and swordsmen, performing alongside professional bagpipe and drum musicians. Epic. Howard very much appreciated the belly dancers, what a surprise, haha!

What a messy night Tuesday night turned out to be! After the medieval tavern show, we went on to Coyotes for cocktails. Barmaids were up on the bar dancing (in tribute of Coyote Ugly, the film), and slugging shots down the neck of stag do party-goers. Great atmosphere. I then had a couple of gin and tonics in Dubliner’s, an Irish bar. Needless to say, I was incredibly intoxicated by the end of the night after all my wine, beer, cocktails and gin. So much so, that I projectile vomited whilst staggering and stumbling my way back to our hotel. Nice! Howard was sensible and looked after me, thank god, lol.

Wednesday 29th May 2019

On Wednesday evening we took an absolutely marvellous romantic boat ride along the stunning Vltava river. We stuffed our faces at the on-board all you can eat buffet, serving a multitude of cuisines, cheese platters, meat plates, cakes and desserts etc; whilst listening to great musicians playing live acoustic guitar songs. The top deck had a seating area and bar also, with incredible views.

prague boat 17prague boat 18prague boat 20prage boat 19prague boat 21

As the evening drew to a close, and the sun began to set, we captured some lovely photographs of Vltava river’s rippling water and shimmering light reflections…

… Such a perfect way to end mine and Howard’s first romantic city break to Prague, Czech Republic 😀 😀

Thank you so much for reading / viewing.

Much love, Lauren xx

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