‘James & Gina – Forever in Love’ – 30 progression photos

Hi blog followers, my latest UnicornPostbox blog post is 30 progression photos of an amateur art portrait drawing of my auntie Gina and uncle Jim. Hope you enjoy!

I used my A3 light pad to outline my auntie and uncle, and shaded using Derwent sketching pencils. For the border, I printed off paw print templates (they affectionately call each other ‘cub’, so I thought the paw prints would be a nice touch, hehe) and again I used my light pad to outline these. I also used a template for the love hearts so they were all identical. I coloured with Boldmere colouring pencils; I believe the contrast of baby blue and pale pink works pretty well. I used a black ballpoint pen to make the images really ‘pop’.

Overall, I am really happy with the end result 🙂

I am only an amateur artist drawing for fun as a hobby, however I feel as though this is one of my better ones – not the most realistic drawing ever obviously (I bodged up a bit on the jacket for instance!) but not bad for an amateur 😛

I chose a diamante sparkly frame to display the drawing, which is very much to my auntie Gina’s taste, hehe 🙂

And here is the end result!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read / view my latest art blog post! I really appreciate your support!

My next UnicornPostbox blog posts will be photos and a description of a caravan holiday to Skipsea Sands as well as another trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park 🙂 🙂

So please do keep a look out 😛

Stay well, stay safe, much love, Lauren xx

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‘Beth and Josh – Forever in Love’ drawing, 27 progression photos

Hi, welcome to my UnicornPostbox blog, this blog post offers 27 progression photos of an amateur art drawing of my beautiful sister Beth, and her lovely boyfriend Josh. Hope you enjoy 🙂 🙂

I used my A3 light pad to draw the outline of Beth and Josh, once I had cut the reference images so that only their heads were being traced. I did this because I made the decision to draw Beth and Josh inside a big red love heart, in keeping with the ‘forever in love’ theme. I sketched as usual using Derwent sketching pencils and the colouring pencils I drew with this time were Boldmere premium artists colouring pencils. The background I incorporated block colour squares, similar to my previous drawings; all images were outlined using a Pilot FriXion pen.


I am really happy with the way Beth has turned out. I believe I have been able to achieve a very good ‘likeness’. I accentuated her lips to make them bigger, as this is her personal preference, and made her eyelashes more prominent also so her eyes ‘popped’; moreover I contoured her face nicely with shading. Josh was much harder to draw for some reason. The amount of times I rubbed out his eyes and redrew, haha! 😛 I think he’s got a bit of a look of Freddie Mercury and Cristiano Ronaldo amalgamated, ha! Admittedly, I am only an amateur artist, drawing as a hobby! Therefore, I don’t believe I have been able to achieve as much as a likeness with Josh, however overall I am pretty pleased with the drawing. Beth and Josh are both over the moon with it, and it shall hang pride of place on their wall when they move in together soon, so that makes me very happy 🙂 🙂

I am not sure what I will draw next. I would still like to do a few family portraits as I would say I feel most comfortable practising portraiture, I have promised to draw my auntie and uncle at some point… however I would also like to experiment with different subjects and styles of drawing. I have purchased quite a few art therapy / adult colouring books, with mandalas, flowers, animals, paisley patterns inside etc, and a fantasy Art Nouveau colouring book, so I think it would be good to use them to inspire my own unique original amateur art. I would furthermore like to get some inspiration from famous artists and art movements, have a bit of a play about, so watch this space!

As me and mum are self-isolating due to the coronavirus pandemic, I’m afraid I will not be posting any theatre / travel blog posts for some time, as you may have guessed. I do have a couple of wooden stools however stored in a cubbyhole which I may upcycle outside on a sunny day. I haven’t upcycled in a very long time, so now would probably be the perfect opportunity, so again, watch this space!

I do hope you are all well during these unprecedented and extremely difficult times. Sending a huge social distancing hug to all my UnicornPostbox followers, I very much value your ongoing support. Thank you so much for taking the time to read / view.

Take care, all the best,

Lauren xx


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‘Beautiful Mum’ drawing – 15 progression photos

Hi welcome to by personal blog UnicornPostbox, hope you enjoy my latest blog post ‘Beautiful Mum’ – 15 progression photographs of a pencil drawing of my gorgeous mum Debbie…

I firstly used my A3 light pad to draw the outline of mum. I sketched mum using Derwent sketching pencils, and I used coloured pencils for the background. The red love heart / pink background is really mum-esque, it certainly reflects her loving nature, she’s an angel on Earth 🙂 🙂 Plus pink is her favourite colour, she’s a girlie girl definitely, hehe. I likewise opted for delicate soft calligraphy for the ‘Beautiful Mum’ title, using a Pilot FriXion rollerball pen.

Here is the finished product! I am actually really pleased with the way this one has turned out 🙂 🙂 I am only an amateur artist who draws as a hobby, but I’d like to think I am improving the more I practise. I am nowhere close to accomplishing hyper realism, I realise that, but I seem to be getting back to the level I was at when I studied Fine Art at A-Level many years ago. So that’s good 🙂 🙂

I love drawing so much and find it so therapeutic. Mum was absolutely over the moon with her drawing, so that makes me an incredibly happy daughter. Mum is a very poorly lady in the later stages of early onset Alzheimer’s disease dementia, so anything that puts a smile on her face means the world to me!

I know I promised in a previous UnicornPostbox blog post I would try and deviate from the norm of portraiture and try drawing something a little bit different, perhaps amateur art inspired by famous artists, but I think I will do a couple more family portraits first. My sister has asked me to draw her and her boyfriend, and I may do my auntie and uncle also… so please do keep a lookout for more art blog posts coming soon!

On a very serious note, I do sincerely hope all my followers are well during these immensely difficult times, in regards to the coronavirus pandemic 😦 😦  Please stay safe everyone!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read/view.

Much love, Lauren xx


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Family portrait: progression photos

This year for Christmas I decided to draw for my mum an amateur A1 size family portrait of her, myself and my sister. When I did Art A-level over 10 years ago, I drew portraits of my dad, grandma and late grandfather. My drawings were much more realistic and detailed then, when I was practising drawing on a regular basis, but my mum has always wanted me to draw her and her two daughters together… so with mum experiencing awful health difficulties at the moment, I figured what more a perfect time to (hopefully) make her overjoyed, than at Christmastime? So, here we are fellow bloggers; please see below progression photos (start to finish) of my latest family portrait. Hope you enjoy:

Family portrait:


My light box has decided it doesn’t want to work any more (stupid thing), so I stencilled the outline of all three subjects on A1 paper. I began by sketching my sister (left), I also thought it might look pretty to incorporate a lotus flower design border. (The subjects were drawn using artists’ sketching pencils, and the flower border charcoal pencils).


I then made a start on sketching my mum (middle subject). I wasn’t completely happy with the drawing of my mum at this stage. Her complexion was sketched a little too dark, and although quite detailed, mum didn’t appear as youthful as I knew she would like to be portrayed (too many wrinkles showing, haha)!


The last subject I sketched was myself (subject on the right of the drawing). I have drawn a few self-portraits in the past, so it didn’t take me as long to sketch myself. As you may be able to see in the photo above (bottom right photo), at this stage, the three subjects together did not quite ‘click’. My sister and myself stood out more than my mum in the middle, as I had sketched mum with more grey tones, but less definition.


So, the next task was to work on the portrait of mum. It was my intention to rubber out some of the shading, to tone down the shade of her complexion, whilst also using sketching pencils to darken some of her features, to make them ‘pop’ more. I tried to add more definition to her hair, lips, eyes etc.


Lastly, I subtlety sketched the background in light yellow, around each subject in a light blue, and around the lotus flowers in a light purple (these colours match the decor in our living room, where the drawing will be displayed, above our fireplace). I continued to improve all three subjects as I went along, finishing drawing the lotus flowers too; working from the left hand side of the paper to the right, as not to smudge.


And here is the final piece! It was framed by a local framing shop – a gorgeous dark brown frame and cream border – ready just in time for Christmas. Happy days 😛


I wrapped it up nicely with some beautiful festive Clinton’s Christmas wrapping paper, and blue ribbon…


And finally, here is my very beautifully festive, and extremely grateful and pleased mum opening her gift on Christmas day! 😀

Overall, the family portrait took me a total of quite a few weeks (many individual hours) to complete. It is rather difficult also to make adjustments to your subjects, on request – contoured cheekbones, larger lips, nice eyebrows, less wrinkles etc (I kept my double chin, haha) – and still keep at least some semblance to the people you are drawing,! This is obviously what I aimed to achieve in my family portrait, a likeness, as well as of course, putting a big smile on the face of a lady very special to me… my best friend, my mum 🙂

A very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year to you all!

Thank you for reading / viewing. Much love, Lauren x


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