‘Enchanted forest’ diamond art

Hi everyone! My latest UnicornPostbox blog post is progression photos of an enchanted forest diamond art 💎🎨 Hope you like!

It was so much fun doing this diamond art! They are so time consuming (took me a few weeks) but so therapeutic and enjoyable 😄

I have another previous diamond art I am trying to sell with this one, to go towards my fundraising for Alzheimer’s Society (I’m doing a paraglide in the Peak District)..my sister bought me another elephant diamond art too to complete next 💕

Here is the finished art piece…

I am quite proud of this, and looking forward to doing the next diamond art!

Next, however, I am planning on drawing a portrait as it’s sooooo long since I’ve done so…I won’t detail who I am drawing as it is a surprise present for a friend who may read this..haha 😆 But yeah, keep a look out 😜

Thank you as always for reading/viewing!

Many thanks, Lauren xx

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My first upholster! Progression photos

Good evening fellow followers 🙂 My latest blog post is progression photos of a upholstered chair, I’m pretty proud of it, hope you like…

My first task was unpicking the metal staples around the brim, ready for new fabric. I sugar soaped and then used a primer on the bare wood, when dry I sprayed chalky grey furniture paint, and a crystal clear protection to seal. Next, I stapled a bottom sheet to the frame, to increase durability. The fabric I initially chose was black/dark blue, with elegant yellow flowers. I used the first bit of cloth as a template to get the right size. Upon completion however it was agreed the choice of fabric was a little too pretty, and did not match an industrial vibe wished for the new store cafe (this is what I’m working on at the moment). As it appeared more for a bedroom than a café, I unpicked the metal staples and started again! I upholstered with a plain more rustic fabric, and glue gunned a brim, adding a bit of personality with the tassels!

This has been my favourite project so far. I love the shabby chic effect, and I think it looks very classy and elegant. I love that I’m learning too. The store manager did give me a tip to pull the fabric really tight, so less loose, I completely agree however I don’t think I’ve done bad for a first upholster attempt. I’m really proud of myself, hehe 🙂 🙂

Coming up soon, some metallic steampunk effect frames, upcycled wooden spools (big project for the cafe) and a Earth map decoupaged table! Please do keep a look out… I’m hoping to sell some of my art/knitting too as sponsorship money towards my Liverpool cathedral absail, so I’ve plenty to keep me occupied 🙂

Much love, Lauren xx

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