Rustic wooden coffee table, 20 progression photos

Hi everyone! My latest blog post is 20 progression photos of a rustic wooden coffee table. Hope you enjoy! Thank you very much…

This project has been the bane of my life for the last few weeks, haha! It was the table that didn’t want to be sanded… I had my small mouse sander, my orbital sander, ordinary sandpaper, clean spirit, metal scraper and paint stripper on it! The problem was it had a few layers of paint to strip, a white and a blue underneath. Once all the paint was stripped, I sugar soaped and wood stained. It took forever and a day to finish however I’m really happy with the finished result. There was a few things that could of been avoided. For example, I used my orbital sander on its edge and it dinted a hole in the wood a couple of times. Maybe, if it wasn’t for these imperfections, it could be sold for a higher profit. But to say I’m learning, I think it’s turned out pretty decent and I like the rustic effect, what do you think?

My next volunteering project for the Children’s Air Ambulance is a blue painted rocking chair that’s almost finished and I am going to a ‘pub painting’ evening art class with my friend on Thursday. We’re being taught how to paint a colourful highland cow. So please, keep a look out for more blog posts coming very soon…

Thank you as always for taking the time to read/view my blog… and I would just like to say, with the sad passing of Queen Elizabeth the second, may she forever rest in peace…

Many thanks, Lauren xx

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Golden decoupaged map coffee table

Hi everyone ☺️ My latest blog post is progression photos of a golden decoupaged map coffee table, refurbished for the Children’s Air Ambulance..hope you enjoy 😉

I started off trying to sand with my orbital sander, however this was proving really difficult. I cleansed with sugar soap and spray painted a bronze coat. The spray unfortunately wasn’t to my desired taste, too dark and little change to the already mahogany wood. So, I painted the table with a metallic gold. I then pasted mod podge to the centre of the table and decoupaged a brown damask wallpaper. I changed my mind after mod podging, so stripped and decoupaged a map instead. It actually took a second attempt to decoupage the map so no creases in the design. I bought a new metallic gold spray paint to spray the imperfections and tea-bagged the map wallpaper to give it an oldie antique rustic effect. The final step was to seal with polyurethane varnish. And here is the finished product:

Thank you so much as ever for reading/viewing my latest upcycling project. I’m not quite sure what I’m on with next, so I’ll keep you in suspense 😝

Thank you, much love, Lauren xx

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Upcycled cafe table – 22 progression photos

Hi everyone, I’ve been a busy bee upcycling again for the Children’s Air Ambulance! My latest blog post is 22 progression photos of a rustic café table, hope you like!

I started off with a quick sand and sugar soap cleanse. Then, I used a spray primer for the leg and foot of the table, before spray painting silver. Next, wood staining the table… Well, it went a little wrong! I didn’t sand the table sufficiently and subsequently it went a tad blotchy and darker in some areas. I ended up having to start all over, scrape and sand thoroughly. I switched from a roller brush to a cloth for more even distribution. The finished result is more desirable, a rustic antique pine, only requiring a polyurethane varnish to strongly seal.

This isn’t my most impressive piece in my personal opinion. It was a bit of a chore and required some elbow grease to scrape/sand. I was happy when it was finished to be perfectly honest, haha.. Well, at least it was a learning curve.

Up next, upholstery! Yes, my very first go at upholstering a chair! Look out for it.

Many thanks, Lauren xx

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