A Selection of my Photographs: 2016

Here is a small collection of a few of the photographs I took in 2016… I thought I’d just upload a few, as an example of some of my work pre-2017, before I upload any future photography… Hope you enjoy…

1. These photos were taken at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, towards the end of last year. I was actually on a date (the guy with the bug), he turned out to be an absolute tool so is no longer in my life (lol), but I couldn’t resist sharing the photo, the creepy-crawly looks super cool… all the animals there are awesome to be honest, definitely worth a visit if you’ve never been 😀 …


2. These next photographs were taken in and around Sheffield city centre, sometime in  September if I remember correctly… I had an appointment in Sheffield, so took the opportunity to take my camera along and make a proper day of it mooching about here and there; the Winter and Peace Gardens, Millennium Gallery and so on  😀 …


3. These last photographs were taken earlier on in the year, in Hull city centre, on a first date with the aforementioned tool (haha)… as you can see I visited The Deep, as well as having a lazy stroll around the city itself, admiring some of the gorgeous scenery and architecture Hull has to offer…


… and that’s it for the time being folks :D… Please do keep a look out for photographs I post and share here on a later date…

…ciao for now! 😀

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