‘Under The Sea’ drawing – 30 progression photos

Hi, welcome to my blog, UnicornPostbox. My latest blog post is 30 progression photographs of an ‘Under The Sea’ sea-life themed, A2 size, amateur art drawing. Hope you enjoy!

I used my art therapy and adult colouring books as inspiration for my ‘Under The Sea’ drawing – sketching an octopus, jellyfish, sea turtle, seahorse, crab and seashells. With this art piece, I did not trace the outlines of the images with my A3 light pad as done so previously with other drawings. I studied the subjects in the books very closely, but drew freehand, adding my own subtle changes and intricacies to make them more my own. (However, I do admit I am only an amateur artist, drawing as a hobby). I coloured using Boldmere colouring pencils, bold and differing colours, and lastly outlined with a black ballpoint pen, to make the images really ‘pop’. I am pretty happy with the result, hope you like it too! 🙂 🙂

The finished drawing: 



For my next drawing, I think I would like to do an Owl themed art piece, again gaining inspiration from my art therapy and adult colouring books; I have already decided to title it ‘Twit Twoo’, haha. Then after that, I may return to the norm of portraiture and draw as I promised them, my auntie and uncle 🙂 🙂 And afterwards, well we shall see 😛

Thank you very much for taking the time to read / view my latest blog post, I do value and appreciate your ongoing support, all my followers!

We are unfortunately still in very difficult and uncertain times with the regard to the coronavirus pandemic, so please do stay safe everyone!

Take care, many thanks,

Lauren xx


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