Blue bedside cabinet – 24 progression photos

Hi good evening everyone.. My latest UnicornPostbox blog post is 24 progression photos of a blue beside cabinet I upcycled for the Children’s Air Ambulance 💙💙 Hope you enjoy 😊

I started off sugar soaping to clean, then a gentle sand with my mouse sander. Next, a white primer/undercoat, and when dried, I sanded with an abrasive hand sandpaper to perfect imperfections going along. I painted the blue bedside cabinet entirely blue. A mistake I made was painting inside where the drawers were to slide, so at first they were having none of it haha! Dave helped me to sand the drawer runners with a rotary tool so the drawers would slide lol. We put the gold handles in a tub of coca cola, they came out really shiny when reattached. Lastly, I sprayed a furniture lacquer to seal. And there we go!

I am really pleased with this little project, although there were doubts along the way, I think it’s turned out quite impressive, I’m proud of it, hehe 😀

I am not quite sure what my next project will be, I have a few bits to do for the cafe, but also I have ordered a Marilyn Monroe poster to decoupage onto a chest of drawers, the Children’s Air Ambulance can hopefully sell for a profit 😀

Thank you so much as ever for reading/viewing. Much love, Lauren xx

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