‘Penguins in love’ amateur acrylic painting

Hi everyone, thanks for checking out my personal blog! My latest post is progression photos of an amateur acrylic painting of two love struck penguins, created this month at pub painting..hope you enjoy! 😀

I must be honest, out of the other three pub paintings I’ve done, I found this the most challenging..when it came to silhouetting the two love birds anyway, lol.. but although I am only an amateur artist, I think they’re a little bit cute, hehe…I’m looking forward to the next session in a month’s time with my friend Denise! 😀

And here are the finished ‘Penguins in love’🐧🐧 💙💙

Thank you so much for reading/viewing, and keep an eye out for my next artistic project blog post..

Lots of love, Lauren xx

© 2023 Lauren Parr/ https://unicornpostbox.com

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