‘Jacqui and Jesus’ amateur drawing

Hi everyone! My latest UnicornPostbox blog post is progression photos of an amateur drawing of my priest Jacqui, and Jesus christ..as a gift for helping me through my confirmation preparation 😊

I obtained an outline of Jesus off of the Internet, and printed alongside a recent photo of Jacqui..I used my A3 light pad to trace these outlines onto A3 sketching paper..I sketched and shaded my two subjects..one of Jacqui’s favourite quotes in the bible is from psalm 139: ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ to which I added calligraphy at the bottom of the portrait.. and when Jacqui thinks of God she has told me she visualises the great light of God’s love, hence the sun..I used tea bags to give the background a distressed look.. lastly I framed with a black frame…and here is the end result:

I think I may do a couple more amateur portaits as gifts to family/friends, that would be a nice thing to do 😄

Thank you as ever for taking the time to read/view!

Lots of love, Lauren xx

© 2023 Lauren Parr/ https://unicornpostbox.com

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