Rustic charm distressed TV cabinet – progression photos

Hey again! My latest blog post is progression photos of a rustic charm distressed TV cabinet, upcycled for the Children’s Air Ambulance. Hope you like…

At the beginning of the project, the TV cabinet was a dark mahogany colour wood – not always a preferable shade to sell nowadays. Therefore, it was my job to sand using a black and decker mouse sander – still very time consuming it must be said despite not being hand held sand paper! As you can see, I went for a distressed look. One of the drawers of the cabinet unattached also, so I used ‘no more nails’ to secure. After extensive sanding, I kept it simple and classic by rubbing on a furniture wax – to give a rustic shabby chic feel 🙂 🙂 The result…

My next upcycling project for the Children’s Air Ambulance is some sort of storage/ toy box I intend to paint, varnish and decoupage but before then I may have finished a cosmic wolf diamond art to donate. We can’t sell hand made items as a charity unfortunately, so along with what they send off, I’m going to knit some bobble hats, scalves etc for the refugees in Ukraine. I think that would be lovely to do…

Thanks so much for taking the time to read / view, much appreciated.

All the best, Lauren xx

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